Online Therapy or eTherapy

Online therapy (or e-therapy) is psychotherapy conducted via video-conferencing. 

Individuals choose online therapy for different reasons. Some might choose online therapy because they like the flexibility of schedule, or the convenience of not having to travel. Some might choose online therapy because they travel a great deal and prefer to have consistency with one therapist. Some may prefer to have therapy in the comfort of their own home. Online therapy is not appropriate for everyone. Specifically, it is not appropriate for individuals who have tendency to harm themselves or others, or individuals who require a great deal of coordination of care with other providers.


Offering online therapy is also a choice of the therapists. For Sojourners therapists, there may be times when they are not in the same location as the clients. Offering online therapy is one way to maintain continuity for treatment despite where the therapists are. This also allows the therapists more flexibility.

There are times when connections may be interrupted during a session. In those cases, the clients will only be charged for the time actually spent in the session. Therapists will do their best to reconnect. If that is not successful, the session can be rescheduled.